OTTOS O.F.B. design by Christian Schrepfer Industrial Design, LIVE on Kickstarter! Check out the campaign and get your Otto’s O.F.B. for a super early bird price today.

Kickstarter campaign

The collaboration with the Otto Wilde Grillers started in march 2015. At that time the company was just established, with a first technical idea of a bbq grill. We were ask to design a whole infrared gas grill from scratch. The challenge for us was how a technical bbq grill becomes a practical and functional product, which also defines the company identity as its first product in its portfolio.

Otto’s O.F.B. (over-fired broiler) brings steakhouse quality to your home! The specialized infrared gas grill reaches temperatures of up to 970˚C/1700˚F within minutes and enables you to easily and quickly grill the perfect steak at home. Through these high temperatures your steak gets a delicious caramelized crust from the outside while its center stays juicy and tender. Of course you can also use it to prepare other meats such as chicken breast and pork belly, or fish, vegetables and desserts.