comfort, functionality and ergonomics


a chair series for Andreu World specialized for residential and healthcare applications
It is possible to harmonize use, beauty and versatility in a timeless design. Vona is the result of that ideal situation. It meets the requirements of a seat for extensive use, durability, easy maintenance and ergonomic; but at the same time is warm, serene and very comfortable. Thanks to its distinct versions, Vona perfectly integrates into residential centers, healthcare facilities and also at home.
Functionality and Hygiene

Removable seat
Through a simple locking system, the Vona seats are easily interchangeable and cleanable. Designed to be stored and transported with comfort, this functionality enables the replacement of parts in an efficient and smooth manner for the cleaning staff of any residential or healthcare center. Hygienic solutions for areas with the highest standards of cleaning, maintenance and security.

Removable backrest
The Vona backrests also have their own clip mechanism to interchange pieces and thus adapt to a residential and sanitary use. Together with the removable seat, both complements expedite cleaning and subsequent utilization very quickly, avoiding continuous maintenance required by any standard seat or backrest.

For the design of the Vona, special attention was paid to the maintenance requirements and hygiene needs in a sanitary environment. The collection features a continuous surface structure that avoids corners and ensures proper cleaning once the seat is dismantled. A solid wood construction solution of the highest quality and durability.

Without seams
The Vona seat is upholstered without surface seams, ensuring a watertight and seamless seat. This feature avoids irregular surfaces or concavities that can hibernate dirt and allow for quick cleaning and easy maintenance. A highly hygienic solution that can be maximized by selecting sanitary and dirt resistant textiles.

Ergonomics and Adaptability

Arm extension
The Vona armrest can be set according to the desired use. Among the options of this collection, extended armrests has been designed to facilitate the independence and freedom of movement of the user, creating an ergonomic extension of the arm that helps getting up and promotes relaxed support and rest.

Back handle
The Vona collection incorporates a small slit on its back that allows the chair to be guided with small movements and manipulated it with ease. This collection offers specific versions in which the back incorporates a push handle designed to provide a stronger hold and will support caregivers and others to grasp and maneuver the seat with the user seated.


Knee roll
The Vona seat, made from injected high density/non-deformable foam, provides the user with optimum comfort. Its enveloping upholstery covers all parts of the seat, including a short front extension whose function is to increase its ergonomics and comfort.

Widened armrest
This collection has been sized to offer optimal stability and ease of movements while in use. Its durable frame has been designed to enable the easy sitting and getting up from the chair, providing more space between its arms to facilitate any movement inside the seat.

Accessories or Complements

The clip systems for seat and armrests enable complementary use of Vona, allowing placement of bags or other healthcare items without having to move or transfer the user. The collection features accessories that solve a wide range of challenges in residences and healthcare areas.

Accessory hanger arm
Removable steel accessory that is strong with large load capacity designed to stably fit the armrests and allows for easy attachment of various healthcare elements.

Accessory hanger seat
Fixed steel accessory designed to be installed on the Vona removable seat, has high strength and load capacity, and allows the seat to be hidden with a simple twist.

Linking system
Fastening system with anti-panic function that maintains the line of seats in case of evacuation. The system can be concealed by sliding it under the seat, being removed from sight, but available to the use when required.

Seat height
The main goal of our designs is to facilitate the daily life and represent a lasting solution. The flexibility and adaptability to the distinct uses is a key element of the Vona collection, therefore it is offered in two different heights of 44cm (17.25 in.) and 46cm (18.00 in.) in order to be able to customize solutions tailored to each user.

Andreu World – Designs for care and quality living

The goal of Andreu World Healthcare is to contribute to a better quality of life for elderly people and those who need furniture that specifically adapts to their needs. We have developed ergonomically adapted furniture, resistant to the demands of hygiene and maintenance of residential and healthcare facilities; but without neglecting the aesthetic value and its quality.

Aesthetics, functionality and durability are always present in our work; but when attempting to cross the barrier from the general and develop products that adapt to a number of specific needs, all of these aspects are even more important. Andreu World Healthcare is the result of a logical challenge: develop furniture that maintains all the traits that define our work while at the same time integrates seamlessly into a human environment with very concrete functional demands.