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The platform's storage modules turn grills and cooker into a professional stainless steel outdoor kitchen.

We designed modules 16, 24 and 32 inches wide. In addition to a 90° corner module, we have also designed special modules that are prepared for the installation of a fridge and dishwasher. The worktops can be customized just like the storage space with doors and drawers.

Three widths and 90°

For the configuration of a compact balcony grill as well as for a spacious kitchen, the Platform offers 16 inch side tables, storage space and add-on modules, 24 inch side cabinets or even the 32 inch double cabinets.

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The T16" is the smallest module within the platform. The simple side tables transform the G32" into a classic gas grill for ambitious beginners. Further modules can follow at any time.

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This module is extremely compact and offers just enough worktop space for the O.F.B. or for the preparation of dishes. With just one drawer, this module is also available as an S16" add-on.

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For the permanent integration of the O.F.B., we have developed the module width of 24 inches. This width also corresponds to the 60cm kitchen standard and, in combination with the special modules, perfectly structures the platform.

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The 32 inch wide storage module can be equipped with doors and/or drawers. We also designed extra-wide 32-inch drawers that use the entire width of the module.

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With this module, kitchen counters can also be built around corners. This is possible both on the right and on the left. The storage space is made accessible by a carousel.

Customization of worktops

As standard, the storage space modules are designed with a continuous stainless steel worktop. The S32" can also be equipped as a top with an integrated sink. The top of the S16" or S16" AddOn can also be equipped with a hob as a C16" at a later point in time.

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Flush stainless top

The worktops with a continuous stainless steel surface are the easiest to clean. This version is universal and forms the standard.

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For the S32" there is the version with an integrated sink. The storage space underneath is divided into a 24" door and an 8 inch door or slide out.

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A 16" storage module, whether with a cabinet or as an add-on, can be upgraded to a C16" in just a few simple steps by replacing the top.

Special modules

In areas where frost is a solvable problem, the special modules with refrigerator and dishwasher expand a perfect outdoor kitchen.

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Fridge ready

A separate version of the S24" is prepared for the installation of a 60cm built-in refrigerator, where the cabinet door is connected to the appliance door with a sliding rail. According to the climatic conditions on site, the installation of an outdoor refrigerator is recommended.

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Dishwasher ready

Even if this is not easily possible in all climates of the world, an integrated dishwasher makes the outdoor kitchen perfect.

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100% stainless-steel

The Otto Wilde Platform is made entirely of stainless steel; this also applies to all fastening elements and powder-coated parts. This ensures an extremely long lifetime.

Platform features

All features of the platform also apply to the storage furniture, whether leveling casters, the FlexLine gas delivery system, the power brick, modular covers or upgrade options at any time.

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Modular cover

Modular covers are connected via zippers. That way they can be expanded later on and protect the outdoor kitchen from soiling by weather and pollen.

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Upgrade anytime

A storage space upgrade is possible at any time. The 16, 24, 32 inch components such as doors, drawers and shelves fit into all grill, cooking and storage modules within the platform.

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FlexLine gas delivery system

Thanks to the FlexLine system, the gas line can be pulled through the storage modules. For the use of the O.F.B. a rear gas connection of the same line is provided.

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Leveling casters

The robust and compact high-performance castors serve as stand and height adjustment in one. A matching plinth complements the look of the perfect outdoor kitchen.

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Power brick

A power strip can also be attached to the rear of the storage space modules. This allows the user to power additional devices.

Storage Organisation

Over the years, we have designed various accessories for Otto Wilde. In doing so, we consider the entire customer journey. How is the product used, how is it cleaned, but also how and where is it stored?

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The Single, Double, and Triple Racks are true storage wonders. Accessories in 16 and 8 inches fit into the pull-out drawers with a height of 61 mm. Larger accessories fit on the upper surface. All racks can be stacked.

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Single Rack

The Single-Rack is essentially the well-known 16" shelf. It can be installed on the front or back of the drawer rails. This depends on the use of trays, hooks on the door, or the occupation by a hinge.

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Double Rack

The Double-Rack doubles the storage space and allows for easy access. Most 16" and 8" accessories fit into the 61mm high extension. The pull-out stainless steel tray is easy to clean. The double rack can be mounted at the front or back depending on your needs and can be combined with another Double or Triple Rack.

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Triple Rack

The Triple-Rack quadruples the shelf space and is a true storage miracle. In addition to the pull-out trays, the upper surface provides a fourth level for taller accessories. The Triple-Rack can be mounted flush on the front or back and can be combined with another Triple or Double Rack.

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Hooks and Trays

To store smaller tools on the inside of the door or on the tool wall, we have designed hooks and trays. These range from single hooks to hook bars, as well as flat and high trays in sizes 16" and 24". Additionally, there are holders for lids, rotisserie rods, and kitchen paper.

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Accessoires organisation

With the help of racks, hooks, and trays, all accessories from Otto Wilde can fit into even the smallest outdoor kitchen. For sorting trash, larger boxes and baskets, as well as beer crates, we have designed slide-outs and the high drawer.

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GN Drawer

Using a simple frame, GN containers in sizes 2/3, 1/3, 1/6, and 1/12 can be placed in the 16" drawer. These containers are equipped with lids and handles, allowing for elegant and hygienic storage of prepared food from the indoor kitchen for outdoor cooking.

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Slide Out

For waste sorting, larger boxes, and baskets, which can also accommodate the cover, we have designed slide-outs. These are available for S16 and S24 and are mounted behind the existing front door in the body.

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High Drawer

The High-Drawer proves to be particularly ergonomic when storing large and heavy items such as beer crates. Just like the Slide-Out, it provides space for waste sorting, boxes, and baskets.

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Tool Wall

The Toolwall expands the storage space to hang tools conveniently on the exterior side of the outdoor kitchen. The system consists of three parts that can be mounted on both the right and left sides.

to all passionate grillers and GSV-Members:
Please be aware that the content of this site displays products from the perspective of a design draft, as we presented the draft to Otto Wilde. Naturally, some details have been altered during product development. As the product has now improved, we strongly recommend it to customers, but kindly ask that you visit Otto Wilde's website to obtain information on the current state of development.