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VONA underlines the atmosphere of living areas in healthcare-facilities. The chairs of the VONA-collection form an elegant and modern design, whilst maintaining the values of living environments. Furthermore, they meet the highest demands of hospitals and care facilities regarding to ergonomics, functionality and hygiene.
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The rich diversity of the VONA-collection provides comfort for patients with their individual preferences.

VONAs great ergonomic adaptivity to personal needs from people at advanced ages makes it suitable for bedrooms, living spaces, dining and the communication areas.
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chair, armchair, high back, plus, extra

VONA comes with versions with and without armrests, and is opted with a low-back and a high-back variation.

The low-back alternative is eligible for “active” areas as dining and leisure, where mobility is required, whereas in contrast, the high-back option is focused on relaxation, which makes it preferable for “passive” areas as lounges and living spaces. VONA is specifically designed for patient oriented sections in healthcare centres.
Thanks to a multitude of customization options, such as recessed grip or handle bar, extended or flush armrest, VONA can be adapted to the individual requirements of the project. VONA’s “plus” and “extra” versions offer more space and stability for the user. Whether cafeteria, common room or resident’s room - a variety of finishes allow the individuals to choose the option, which suits them most.


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interchangeable seatshell
Thanks to a locking system, the upholstered polymer seat shells from VONA can not only be replaced quickly without the need of any tools, but is also capable of being stowed and transported conveniently. Additionally the replaceable seats increase hygiene conditions and reduce the odour in care facilities.


high and low backrest
The VONA collection offers two different backrests, which differ in ergonomics depending on the intended use. The low- back option is preferably used in “active” areas such as dining and leisure, where more mobility is needed. Whilst the high-back option is for “passive” areas such as lounge and living with comfort in mind.
plus and extra wide
VONA’s “plus” and “extra” versions offer a wider seat and more stability for the user. The armchair, which comes with a recessed grip is capable of withstanding loads up to 250kg. VONA “plus” has a distance of 58cm between each armrest, whereas VONA “extra” measures 75cm. VONA “plus” and “extra” are optionally available with flush or extended armrests and with or without a back padding.
recessed grip
VONA has a recessed grip on the backrest, which facilitates the movement of the chair and keeps the upholstery clean.
integrated handle
An optional version of VONA, which has an integrated handle bar, provides extra support and allows caregivers to move the chair during use more easily.
extended armrest
VONA is available in versions with different armrests, which are specifically designed to meet ergonomic requirements of the elderly and to facilitate the user’s independence and freedom of movement. The procedures which are made when users sit down or stand up are made safer with the extended armrests.
flush armrest
If no ergonomic extension is required, VONA offers elegant flush-arm versions, which also prevents clothes from tangling with the seats in addition to its elegance.
removable and washable cover
Removable and washable fabric covers can be used on the replaceable thermopolymer seatshells of the VONA collection. The cover can effortlessly be removed by a zipper prior the washing process. Antibacterial and resistance properties are even retained after a wash with temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.
water-repellent fabric
The interchangeable seat of VONA allows the chair to be permanently in use. Water-repellent fabric covers with special moisture protection is recommended, if professional workforces can carry out the intensive cleaning of the seats in designated areas of the hospital.
rowlinking system
The stackable VONA collection features a linking system that allows making seating rows for public events. The certified system fulfils all international standards and is integrated into the interchangeable thermopolymer seatshell, whereby chairs can also be easily added on with row links. After use, that system disappears inside the seatshell through a spring mechanism.
upholstered or plywood backrest
For more frequently used areas, VONA is made of stained and varnished plywood. In more private living areas, comfort can be further increased by an additional back padding.
tailored seat height
VONA is also available in three different seat heights, ranging from 44cm and 46cm to 48cm. These offer residents more freedom in choosing a chair corresponding to their heights within a common room. The different seat heights are marked noticeably on the backrest.
Functionality and Hygiene

Functionality and Hygiene

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material joints sideways and crumb sweep
In designing the VONA collection, special attention has been paid to form-fitting and seamless joints, to enable an easy and intensive cleaning. The so-called “crumb sweep” between the backrest and the seat makes the cleaning easier. Deposits in the joints are avoided, due to the lateral position of the material connection between the upholstery and wood.
continous surface structure
VONA has a continuous and closed surface structure in order to simplify the daily disinfection cleaning and prevent deposits from indentation and so, forming sharp corners. The coating of special antibacterial lacquers also protects the wood in the butt joints.
The light frame of VONA is very convenient when it comes to storing the chairs or cleaning the room. The interchangeable thermos polymer seatshells avoid the forming of imprints on the upholstery left by the stacking points of the chairs.
removable backrest padding
The light frame of VONA is very convenient when it comes to storing the chairs or cleaning the room. The interchangeable thermos polymer seatshells avoid the forming of imprints on the upholstery left by the stacking points of the chairs.
certified for hospitals and healthcare facilities
The entire VONA collection including all accessories complies with international standards and guidelines. Detailed information and test results are handed on request
flame retardancy
Special textiles and foams ensure compliance with all international standards and guidelines for flame retardancy, thereby preventing the rapid spread of fire.
Ergonomic Details

Ergonomic Details

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knee roll
The VONA seat is made out of rigid, shape-retaining foam and offers users an optimum comfort. Its special padding coats the entire seat, including the ergonomically rounded seat edge, which improves blood circulation while sitting.
ergonomic seat geometry
In a joint study with doctors, occupational therapists, ergonomists and nursing staffs, a special seat geometry for the VONA collection was developed. Its deliberately chosen seat depths, tilts and heights, lengthens the time of a fatigue-free sitting and enables an upright position in a relaxed posture.
widened armrest
VONA provides optimum stability and freedom of movement. The widened and ergonomically shaped armrests give the occupant more space and make getting up and sitting down easier.
foam density combinations
By using elastic foams in various density combinations, the VONA collection achieves an optimum seating comfort. Optionally, the VONA seat shell is available with breathable anti-decubitus cushions that relieves the tissue and contributes to an even pressure distribution while sitting. The combination of special foam and mouldable gel result in a reduction of gravitational forces and improvement of the blood circulation.
crutches holder
Together with Toolflex professional systems, a cane and crutches holder was developed for VONA. This allows the storing of walking aids on the back of the armrest. The simple functionality enables people with limited mobility to securely snap their crutch onto the holder.
optional hanger armrest
Functional accessories expand the potential uses of VONA. A hook made of stainless steel can be attached to the armrest of VONA, and attains occupants to bear important items with them at all times.
hanger seat
An optional hook can be attached to the side of the chair frame for the use of various medical products in the elderly care sector. The hook made of stainless steel can be stored away by simply turning it under the chair.

Technical Information